20 Years of Satisfaction

For over twenty years, we have helped thousands of people with their debt.  Together we walk through every step of the process.  We consider if bankruptcy is the best solution.  We learn about bankruptcy and find the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.  We help you prepare to file and stay with you throughout the entire process.  Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing.  Other times we negotiate with creditors.  If bankruptcy is the best decision, we complete the whole process, professionally, and accurately, with dignity and respect. Our 100% guarantee demands it.

100% Money Back Bankruptcy Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is an error made that causes the bankruptcy court not to accept your filing, we will fix it to your reasonable satisfaction, or we will refund 100% of your money, including the filing fee!

The folks at prescottbankruptcy.com respect the emotional and financial difficulties you are facing.  We have all been there.  We want to help you. We will do everything we can, legally and ethically, to help you discharge your debt in bankruptcy with a Prescott...

How We Provide a Better Bankruptcy Experience

Every Client Matters.  Always.  From the initial contact with prescottbankruptcy.com through bankruptcy discharge and rebuilding credit to get back to life, you will be treated with dignity and respect.  Our people are nice.  They are genuinely interested in helping.  It is obvious at every step.

Free Bankruptcy Information — EVERY DAY

We Are Open Every Day to Help You

Bankruptcy is confusing, and talking to your lawyer at some firms can seem impossible. That's not good enough for us. If you have a question or just want to talk about your case, we are available every day, including weekends. You can meet with a bankruptcy attorney for free, even on Saturday! We can even file your bankruptcy over the phone or with no money down. Dealing with debt has never been so easy.

Obsessive Customer Service – Always a Good Experience

We Are Easy to Work With

From your first phone call or email, to your bankruptcy discharge, you will receive nice, friendly, helpful advice from every member of our staff, with no runaround.  Absolutely every person you talk to at prescottbankruptcy.com will be friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, and accessible.  We demand it.  We know you are going through a hard time.  We are going to make it as easy as possible.

Best Price Guarantee — AND File for No Money Down

We Guarantee the Best Price in Town

We have the best price in town, every day.  If it's not, even if another attorney is having a promotion, we will match any other quote.  No questions asked.  It's not about the money.  It's about a great experience for you.  If paying for bankruptcy is an issue, we can even file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for no money down. We won't let money get in the way of helping you.

Meet Directly with a Bankruptcy Lawyer – No Paralegals – For Free

Talk to the Person in Charge

Most folks don't know a lot about bankruptcy.  Making the right choice for you and your family is an important and personal decision.  It requires trust, and a personal relationship.  Don't let a paralegal get between you and your attorney.  If you call your attorney, you should talk to your attorney.  We believe in a personal relationship.  You will work personally with your attorney from start to finish.

Free Advice from a Bankruptcy Lawyer – In Person or Over the Phone

File for Bankruptcy Over the Phone

Do you want the personal service offered by prescottbankruptcy.com but do not feel like driving to downtown Prescott.  Although we value the personal experience, we know that it is not a good fit for everyone.  We can complete all of the necessary steps in person or over the phone, whichever suits you better.  There will be a single meeting in downtown Prescott after you file, but the rest is up to you.

Decide Before You File – Bankruptcy Isn’t for Everyone

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Considering bankruptcy?  We will help you decide for free.  Bankruptcy is not right for everyone. A free meeting with your Prescott bankruptcy lawyer will help you decide.  Most firms will tell you all about how to file bankruptcy without considering if bankruptcy is best for you.  Every bankruptcy is unique, and every client is important.  Take the time to get the personal advice you need before you file.

Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy is unfamiliar to most folks.  It is only one of the many alternatives when dealing with overwhelming debt.  Bankruptcy is the only option where people routinely discharge their debt, meaning they don’t have to pay it, and keep their property.

Anyone can get themselves into a place where they cannot pay their debt.  It just snowballs until you need help.  You can read about the basic elements of bankruptcy, or contact us and a bankruptcy attorney will explain it for free.


Should I File Bankruptcy Prescott Arizona

Deciding to File Bankruptcy is More Difficult Than How to File 

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is tough.  It doesn't have to be the last option.  Bankruptcy is strategic, and there are alternatives to bankruptcy.  Don't feel trapped.  Get the facts.

Pros and Cons of Filing Bankruptcy

Should I File Bankruptcy


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Prescott Arizona

Discharge All of Your Debt,   Keep All Your Stuff

In chapter 7 bankruptcy, the vast majority of people keep all of their stuff and discharge all of their debt, with a few exceptions.  You have to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy by making less than the mean income in Arizona or by having no disposable net income according to a federal means test.

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Prescott


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Prescott Arizona

Discharge Most of Your Debt, Keep All Your Stuff

If you do not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if you choose chapter 13 bankruptcy, you still get to discharge all of the debt you cannot afford to pay.  It does not mean you have to repay your debt.  If it did, what would be the purpose of bankruptcy.  In chapter 13 you simply show the court what you can afford to pay.  This might be as little as $100 a month.  You pay that amount over...

Considering Bankruptcy

We will walk with you throughout the entire process of resolving your debt.  From the initial consideration of bankruptcy to looking at alternative to bankruptcy, we will help make the best choice for you.  We will sign you up for classes through our office and provide a credit report.  We will gather documents and file your petition.  We will attend your creditor’s meeting, or 341 meeting, and see you through to discharge.

File Bankruptcy

I Never Thought I Would File Bankruptcy

Nobody ever thinks they will file bankruptcy... or get cancer, or divorced.  The fact of the matter is that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Filing Bankruptcy is a Government Program

It's ok to need help once in a while!

If you have gotten to this page, odds are you should have filed bankruptcy long ago.  The biggest mistake people make about debt relief, is waiting too long. Folks...

Know When to File Bankruptcy

Know When to File Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is a big decision.  There is a lot of planning that goes into the actual time and decision to file.  Start by talking to a bankruptcy lawyer.

How Do I Know When I Need to File for Bankruptcy Relief?

Do you know the warning signs of financial trouble? If you were experiencing any signs that can indicate you may need the debt relief offered through a bankruptcy filing, would you know it? Our...

Lawyer for Bankruptcy

How to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney Prescott Arizona

Here is how to find the best bankruptcy lawyer in Prescott, Arizona.

How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Prescott?

When you are searching for a bankruptcy lawyer in Prescott to help you file for bankruptcy relief, it is important to search for a bankruptcy attorney that will provide you with experienced legal advice, support, and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process. You can ask trusted friends and family...

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Classes Prescott Arizona

As part of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy experience, you will be required to take some classes.  Here is all you need to know.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Classes

What Bankruptcy Classes are Mandatory to File a Chapter 7?

When Congress changed the Bankruptcy Code in 2005, lawmakers included a requirement for debtors to complete two bankruptcy courses as part of the bankruptcy...

Home Car Bankruptcy

Keep Your Home and Car in Bankruptcy

Keep your home and car in bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy exemptions allow you to keep assets that you need.  Bankruptcy exemptions include your home and car.

Keep Your Home and Car in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy exemptions allow keeping secured assets in bankruptcy

Yes, you can keep your home and car in bankruptcy if you want to continue to make the payments and don't have too much equity.

Debt Exemptions for Secured Assets

There are two...

Stop Foreclosure with Bankruptcy in Prescott

Bankruptcy immediately stops foreclosure.

Can a Bankruptcy Stop a Foreclosure in Prescott?

It is very easy to get behind on mortgage payments. Even a temporary decrease in income because of a layoff or an illness can cause you not to have the money to pay your mortgage payment. You believe you will catch up the missed payment next month when your finances improve. However, one month turns into two months and...

Bankruptcy Mortgage Discharge

Get Rid of a Second Mortgage in Prescott Bankruptcy

Get Rid of a Second Mortgage in Bankruptcy

Do you have a second mortgage that you are struggling to pay? Could you manage your debts if you could just get rid of this additional mortgage? You may be able to eliminate the second mortgage on your home in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case if you meet all requirements.

Below is a very brief discussion of valuing a second mortgage...

Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Repairing, rebuilding, or re-establishing your credit after bankruptcy is easier than you think!

Improving a Credit Score After Filing Bankruptcy

The first thing you need to do is to request copies of your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies. If you have not requested copies of the reports in the past 12 months, you can obtain copies without charge by going through <span...

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

Sometimes, basic bankruptcy ideas seem confusing.  That’s why we answer some of the most asked questions here.

How Do I Stop Debt Collector Harassment?

The Automatic Stay

Once you file a bankruptcy petition, there is a judicial process that takes effect called an "automatic stay."  You can think of this several ways.  It is like the judge saying to the creditors, "Stay!"  You can also think of it in terms of things learned from television.  When the murderer is waiting for execution, he is waiting for a "stay of execution" from the governor.  Stay is just fancy legal for stop.  An "automatic stay" means the...

Can I File Bankruptcy and Keep My Property?

Keep Your Home and Car and Most Everything Else in Bankruptcy

Can I File Bankruptcy and Keep My Property?

The short answer is, probably.  In both Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, debtors get to protect certain property from the court.  This property is referred to as exemptions.  It is exempt from the bankruptcy process.  The vast majority of property that most debtors have is...

Who Can File Bankruptcy

Can Anyone File Bankruptcy?

Almost anyone can file for bankruptcy protection.  There are a few considerations, but they do not prohibit many bankruptcy filings.  There are a few considerations.  You must have a permanent residence or domicile in a particular state or jurisdiction.  This will determine where you file.  You are not limited by the number of times you can file bankruptcy, but you are relegated to the amount of time in between your filings.  You do not have to...