Bankruptcy is a government program.  It is as straightforward as filing taxes.  There are thousands of pages of instructions, laws, and court decisions that will guide through the process.  It is not complicated, it is just so unfamiliar that it would take years to understand it.  Who has the time?  This is why we use a someone to prepare our taxes, and someone to file our bankruptcy.  It will likely only cost in the hundreds of dollars, there are payment plans available, and there are even programs to waive the attorney’s fees.  Ask your Certified Debt Counselor when you call.  It is affordable enough not to take a chance with the Department of Justice or Department of Treasury having to decide whether you were trying to lie or just did not understand the process.  If it looks like there was deceit or fraud, there could be criminal charges.  The smart move is to let a professional bankruptcy lawyer guide you through the process.

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